Sept 5-Oct 26, 2019

"Natural World" by the Studio Art Quilt Associates

Opening Reception

Friday,  September  6th from 5-7pm

Free and open to the public. Join us for some light refreshments. 

Can't make the Reception?

Fall Gallery Hours:

Thursday  4-8     Friday 1-5     Saturday 10-4

Jul 10-Aug 31, 2019

"Signs of Rural Life" juried exhibit

The 2nd Annual juried exhibition features works by 15 artists from six states: Susan Baker (MD), Michele Deiber Kumm (IA), Danielle Dewees (NE), Lynette Fast (NE), Francine Fox (NE), Callie Hastings (VT), John Hughes (NE), Jan Johnson (NE), Jeremy Koelzer (KS), Deb Kubik (NE), Tammy Kushnir (PA), Mackenzie Oliver (NE), Kaci Schacht (NE), Laura Snyder (NE), and Tori Swanson (NE).

Award Winners

Best of Show: Crow in the Corn III by Susan Baker

People's Choice: Phoenix of Notre Dame and Statler & Waldorf by Francine Fox

May 2 - June 29, 2019

"Driven to Abstraction" by the Midwest Fiber Art Alliance

MFAA members explore textile manipulation and the diversity of multi-media as an art form. The organization encourages artists and educates others about contemporary fiber arts through member exhibitions, technique and inspiration sharing, and demonstrations.

Members include: Roberta Price Willet, Debra Ward, Cindy Schroeder, Karen Murphy, Debo Hysack, Dianne Duncan Thomas, Peg Pennell, Gail Dickel, Cindy Erickson, Aimee Mahan, LaVonne Dunetts, Shelly Burge, Marcia O'Donovan, Cynthia Levis, and Wendy Maliszewski

Mar 15-Apr 27, 2019

Literally & Figuratively

A solo exhibit featuring  a variety of works created by Courtney Kenny Porto, using charcoal, pencil, yarn, acrylic and mixed media. 

Nov 1-Dec 22, 2018

Under Two Hundred, 2nd Annual

Featured Artists: Lonn Atwood, Abby Schademann, Austin Rodriguez, Cindy Beckman & Coleen Hammer, Jody Boyer, Lexi Culver, Diane Culver, Denise Dendinger, Carol DeVall,  Glenda Drennen, Lynette Fast, Michael Fluent, Francine Fox, Jan Fox, Ina Glaubius, Jan Johnson, Sarah Lemmon, Nicole Listerfelt,  Russ Nordman, Meghan O'Connor, Doug Polk, Karen Krull Robart, Susie Rodriguez, Leroy E. Von Glan, Carolyn Albracht

Sept. 6 - Oct. 27, 2018

Sam Senff


Sharon Nicole Cole


Robert Bombeck


Juicy, Joyous, & Jarring Juxtapositions

Carol DeVall


Carl Dumicich


Richard Black



J. Marlene Mueller


Early paintings by WSC Professor Emeritus, J. Marlene Mueller on view and available for purchase through October 13, 2018.


July 11 - Sept 1, 2018

Chickens & Other Signs of Rural Life

This juried exhibit features rural themed artwork by artists from six states:   

Sharon Cole, Wayne, NE; Robert Klein Engler, Omaha, NE; Lynette Fast, Lincoln, NE; Amber Hansen, Vermillion, SD; Jan Johnson, Wakefield, NE; Tammy Kushnir, Chalfont, PA; Josephine Langbehn, Omaha, NE; Annette Leu, Waterbury, NE; Nicole Listerfelt, Wayne, NE; Johanna Mueller, Fort Collins, CO; Steve O’Hare, Raymond, NE; Robert Schwieger, Plainfield, Illinois; and Logan Woodle, Conway, SC.

May 4 - Jun 30, 2018

Color Splash

Featuring ceramics by Nancy Fairbanks and geometric airbrush paintings by Andy Gentert

Mar 2 - Apr 28, 2018

Myths & Monsters

Featuring the UNO Print & Book Arts Guild: Charlotte Berryman, Rico Childs, Amanda DeFazio, Samantha Helms, Jose Hernandez, Alissa Rosentrater, and Karmen Valadez

Exhibit Statement


Myths and monsters connect people in many different ways. Whether it be the small whispers of bigfoot or the beliefs held by an entire culture, tales of myths and monsters span all over the world. These strange creatures and alluring stories can be interpreted in many different ways, and with this show, we did just that. Our artwork covers multiple genres- from non-objective and abstract to in your face political statements. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

nov 3 - dec 23, 2017

Under Two Hundred

Featured Artist: Jody Boyer, Carol DeVall, Lauren Doeschot, Glenda Drennen, Lynette Fast, Michael Fluent, Ina Glaubius, Barbara Hayford, John Hughes, Jan Johnson, Kara Kloke, Kari Kollars, Jerene Kruse, Annette Leu, Nicole Listerfelt, Cindy McClellan, Lavonne Nightengale, Russ Nordman, Courtney Kenny Porto, Karen Krull Robart, Sue Taylor, Leroy E. Von Glan, Kim Zach

Sept 1 - Oct 28, 2017

Urban Dreaming

Featured Artists: Alex Beeson, Bob Esquivel, Ronda Esquivel,Kari Kollars, Cindy McClellan, Steve O'Hare, and Linda Stephen

July 7 - Aug 26, 2017

Chickens & Other Signs of Rural Life

Featured Artists: Kris Allphin, Roy Swoboda, Meghan O'Connor, Glenda Drennen, Carol DeVall, Vonni Sparks, Pearl Hansen, and Carolyn Albracht